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Wells-Gardner's D9200 totally breaks away from the pack. It's the first arcade monitor to be truly universal, featuring support for CGA, EGA, and VGA signals. Essentially, it's like three traditional arcade monitor's rolled into one. For emulation, it offers what no other can, the ability to run every arcade game at the correct resolution, with the correct horizontal frequency, and the correct hardware scanlines. If you are willing to overclock / underclock your monitor, the D9200 is capable of perfect emulation! All games run horizontally will be true to the original (naturally, all games run vertically on a vertical setup will be true to the original as well).

NO FANCY ADPATERS REQUIRED! The D9200 connects directly to a standard video card via a VGA cable. Out of the box, it runs just great on either Windows, DOS, or Linux. No fancy drivers or software needed! Just plug it in, hook it up to your PC, and boot -- it's that simple. PC games look great! DVD titles look unbelievable! And the way MAME looks will absolutely blow you away! You can watch Pacman flicker at 15kHz, then play 720 degrees at 25kHz, then blow away a few bad guys in Quake or watch a movie at 31.5 kHz -- it's all doable.

This monitor will run any version of MAME. AdvanceMAME, Dmame, MAME32, and, of course, the official Windows MAME build all run flawlessly. Your setup can be as advanced as it gets, or as trivial as downloading and installing MAME32. Unlike a TV or traditional arcade monitor, this monitor supports PC refresh rates which means you can even use Act Lab's light gun or play PC games. It'll do anything that a PC monitor can do at a resolution of 640x480.

While this monitor may seem a bit pricey at first, don't sell yourself short -- it is totally worth it!! Nothing comes close in terms of display quality, configuration options, and emulation capability. Those who have seen my setup can't believe the game is emulated! Games look incredibly authentic. Don't waste your time with anything else!!! If you've got the cash, forget the cheaper alternatives. This monitor absolutely rules!!

D9200 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the D9200 support a 800x600 resolution? No, only some models do (check your documentation). If you run one that wasn't designed for 800x600 at 800x600, you will SEVERELY shorten its life.

2. Do I need any special transformer or adapter to power my D9200? No. The D9200 plugs directly into an ordinary wall socket, just like any other PC monitor.

3. Do I need any special adapter to plug my D9200 into my PC? No. The D9200 plugs directly into your PC's video card, just like any other PC monitor.

4. Do I need to use scanlines with the D9200? No. The D9200 is a true arcade monitor and has natural scanlines; no software scanlines are necessary.

5. Do I have to do anything funky to run Windows on the D9200? No. The D9200 can run Windows in a 640x480 resolution, just like any other PC monitor.

6. Can the D9200 display 32bit color? Yes. The D9200 can handle 256-32bit color.

7. Can I play PC games or watch DVD movies on my D9200? Yes. Games look great, movies look awesome.

8. Can I use the D9200 to run MS-Office or other desktop applications? Yes, but you will be confined to a 640x480 resolution just like you were in the 80's (if you were alive then). It's just like typing on an old 15" PC monitor (if you ever did that). There is not a lot of working space and the text size is very, very big.

9. How do I get my D9200 to run in EGA or CGA mode? The D9200 features a change over adapter to allow for strict CGA or EGA input.

10. How big is the 27" D9200? 24" wide, 22" tall, 20" deep. Display size is 28.5", 27" viewable.

11. How big are vertical games run horizontally? 19" using Advancemame.

12. Is the D9200 totally cool and groovy? Yes, cooler than Fonzi (if you know who he is), and more groovy than Stevie Wonder (if you know who he is).

13. Can I get 15.75kHz and 25kHz frequencies if the D9200 is connected to my PC's video card? Yes!!! That's what makes this monitor so cool and groovy. You can play Pac-Man at 15.75Khz and then 720 Degrees at 25 Khz.

14. Do I need an ArcadeVGA to run MAME on the D9200? No. You can run MAME on the D9200 using any VGA video card, however

ArcadeVGA will allow you to play games at
262 lines (240 active + 22 blanking) x 60 Hz = 15.7 kHz
525 lines (480 active + 45 blanking) x 60 Hz = 31.5 kHz

AdvanceMAME (on a supported card) will allow you to play games at
256 lines (224 active + 32 blanking) x 60 Hz = 15.25 kHz
274 lines (240 active + 34 blanking) x 60 Hz = 16.25 kHz
438 lines (384 active + 54 blanking) x 60 Hz = 26.0 kHz
548 lines (480 active + 68 blanking) x 60 Hz = 32 kHz

and Windows MAME on an ordinary VGA setup will allow you to play games at
525 lines (480 active + 45 blanking) x 60 Hz = 31.5 kHz

15. How to I play games that are "Out Of Range" when using Windows MAME? You need to use the following parameter

-resolution 640x480

16. Does AdvanceMAME automatically choose the correct hclock? Yes, but this depends greatly upon your configuration. Click here for more info on how I set mine up or use the following in your advmame.rc file

display_adjust generate_yclock
device_video_interlace no
device_video_pclock 5-90
device_video_hclock 15-16.75, 24-26, 31-32.5
device_video_vclock 50-85
display_restore no
vector/device_video_hclock 31-32.5
192x256/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
208x248/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
208x256/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
216x288/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
224x248/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
224x256/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
224x264/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
224x272/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
224x280/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
224x288/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
232x264/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
234x256/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
236x272/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
240x256/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
240x280/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
248x256/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
256x256/device_video_hclock 15-16.75
device_video_format 15750 0.780488 0.0487805 0.0731707 0.097561 0.885496 0.0381679 0.0114504 0.0648855
display_color bgr16
misc_quiet yes

display_resize integer
display_resizeeffect none

If you are using a Trident Blade T64 be sure to change device_video auto to device_video vbeline vgaline. If you are a Matrox G400 video card you need to change device_video_pclock 5-90 to device_video_pclock 7-90.

17. Which monitor is better for AdvanceMAME, the D9200 or a multisync PC monitor? Games run perfectly on a multisync PC monitor because they have the correct vclock. Games look perfect on the D9200 because they have the correct hclock and are displayed on a true arcade monitor. Games have the correct size on both displays with stretching disabled. If you are willing to overclock / underclock your monitor, the D9200 is capable of perfect emulation, meaning all games run horizontally will be true to the original (naturally, all games run vertically on a vertical setup will be true to the original as well).

18. May I see your D9200 configuration files for AdvanceMAME and AdvanceMENU? Why, yes. You may. They are located here.

19. Can I just copy your AdvanceMAME configuration files and use them on my setup? Yes. They are configured to perfectly emulate any horizontal game between 224-240 lines. If you are using a Trident Blade T64 be sure to change device_video auto to device_video vbeline vgaline

20. Is it true that I have to use either DOS, Windows 9x, or Linux to use your AdvanceMAME configuration files? Yes. This is true. My configuration files will _not_ work with any NT based operating system, like Windows 2000 or XP.

21. What is the D9200's horizontal clock range? Unfortunately, the listed specifications for the D9200 on Wellsgardner's web site are a little misleading / confusing. The D9200 supports arcade boards that operate between 15.75 - 31.5kHz, but it does not support the entire range 15.75 - 31.5kHz. The D9200 is really a fixed frequency monitor that supports hclocks at 15.75kHz, 25kHz, and 31.5kHz with a 1-2kHz error margin at each frequency.

22. What is the D9200's vertical clock range? The D9200 was designed to support arcade boards that run hclocks between 15.75 - 31.5kHz. Consequently, at an hclock of 15.75kHz and 25kHz it was designed to run a vclock between 50-60Hz (i.e. Standard CGA, EGA frequencies). And at an hclock of 31.5kHz it was designed to run at a vclock between 60-90Hz (i.e. Standard VGA frequencies).

23. What is the D9200's maximum pclock? 25mHz.

24. What is the best video card to use with the D9200 and AdvanceMAME? Well, it really depends on what you are looking for. Trident's Blade T64 is affordable and works perfectly. But PNY's Geforce4 Ti 4600 and ATI's Radeon 7500 All-in-Wonder (Retail BUILT BY ATI) work perfectly as well.

25. What the frick is your email address? I'm really bad about checking my mail, so be warned. But you can drop me a line here. I usually check my MAME mail weekly. I check the advancemame-users mailing list far more frequently (usually daily). If you don't want to be mistaken for spam, I suggest you put MAME somewhere in the subject.

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