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Make: Built by Diamond Multimedia Inc.
Model: 32MB Viper V770D
Chipset: NVidia Riva TNT2
BIOS String: NVidia.
Pcidevs.txt: 0028h RIVA TNT2 [NV5]
AGP Compliant: 2.0
MAME hwstretch: Yes.
DOS advmame 0.86 device_video auto: Perfect.
DOS advmame 0.86 device_video_interlace: yes.
Vanilla kernel 2.6.1 fb: Perfect (pclock must be 8 or higher).
Linux svgalib-1.9.19 (contrib 0.83.1): Perfect.

VsyncMAME support: Theoretically yes (VESA 3), but not tested.
Scitech Vbetest.exe

Notes: An old school card that performs flawlessy, particularly at arcade monitor resolutions. Games looked great at 15.75-16.5kHz and 25kHz in AdvanceMAME. Interlace modes worked quite nicely as well. While I didn't test VsyncMAME, theoretically this card is supported by the VESA 3 driver. Unlike ATI cards of the same era, drivers for this card are readily available and, more importantly, they work!! This card also offers decent Windows MAME performance and like all modern Nvidia cards supports hwstretch. While you may not find this card lying around at Best Buy, it can easily be had on Ebay for less than the cost of shipping. This card also works great in Linux. It support low pclocks (SVGAlib) and has no problems restoring modes, unlike Matrox's G400. It's only shortcoming is that it doesn't yet support a 15kHz boot console in Linux (like Matrox's G400).

Linux notes: for low pclock support use svgalib, not kernel fb.

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