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Make: Built By ECS
Model: AG305P SIS 305
Chipset: SIS 305
BIOS String: SIS
Pcidevs.txt: 0300h SiS300/SiS305 GUI Accelerator+3D
AGP Compliant: 2.0
MAME hwstretch: Not yet tested.
DOS advmame 0.62.2 device_video auto: Problematic.
DOS advmame 0.62.2 device_video vbeline vgaline: Good.
DOS advmame 0.62.2 device_video_interlace yes
Vanilla kernel 2.6.1 fb: not yet tested.
VsyncMAME support: Yes.
Scitech Vbetest.exe

Comments: While this card doesn't work very well with dmame, it does work well with AdvanceMAME, VsyncMAME, ArcadeOS, and AdvanceMENU. Thanks to the work of Saka and Andrew Lewis, 15kHz arcade monitors run beautifully in DOS, making arcade monitor setups fairly straight forward (you can download the driver here). For AdvanceMAME and AdvanceMENU use device_video vbeline vgaline.

Notes: Although quality did vary greatly between card manufacturers, none of the cards I tested produced a relatively attractive display. The display quality of Pine's card was noticeably inferior and barely acceptable (at most, it could be used as a server card). Cards with this chipset are now available from Jaton. Hopefully their implementation is better than the competition (not that it would take much). They are currently available at www.newegg.com, should you be inclined to purchase one.

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