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Recommended video cards for MAME

For the official Windows MAME release (or MAME32) on a
1. 15kHz Arcade Monitor or SCART TV -- Ultimarc's ArcadeVGA.
2. TV -- Any modern ATI video card. IT MUST BE BUILT BY ATI (Radeon or newer chipset recommended).
3. PC Monitor -- Any modern video card from ATI (Radeon or newer), Matrox, or Nvidia.

For DOS MAME on a
1. 15kHz Arcade Monitor -- Ultimarc's ArcadeVGA.
2. Multisync PC monitor -- Any ATI video card.

For AdvanceMAME on an
1. Arcade Monitor -- Nvidia TNT2*, Trident Blade T64, or Matrox G400* + JPAC (or Video Amplifier).
2. Multisync PC monitor or D9200 -- PNY Geforce4 TI 4600*, Nvidia Riva TNT2*, Retail ATI Radeon 7500 AIW, Matrox G400*, ATI Rage 128 Pro, or Trident Blade T64.

*These cards work great in Linux. The Matrox G400 will allow you to boot a 15kHz console using the kernel's fb, however, it falls short of Nvidia's Riva TNT2 when it comes to 15kHz support, as it doesn't support low pclocks reliably (both cards support interlace). PNY's Geforce4 TI 4600 is the best choice for a PC monitor or D9200 setup in Linux (note, this card does not support interlace).

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Recommended sound cards for DOS MAME

All PCI sound cards made by Creative Labs require the Emm386.exe device in DOS. Because of this they are not yet compatible with FreeDOS. For a fairly comprehensive list of sound cards that do not require the Emm386.exe device, check out vsynchmame.mameworld.info. Otherwise, if you plan on running MS-DOS, or an MS-DOS based operating system like Windows 98SE, below are my recommendations.

Creative Lab's Ensoniq Audio PCI (any chipset 1371, 1373, 5880) is the easiest sound card to setup in DOS mode and it works perfectly with every release of MAME I have tested, including all DOS frontends, like ArcadeOS. It is natively supported by dmame under sound option 7. If you are having problems getting your sound card to work in DOS mode just buy an Ensoniq card and stop wasting your time. While they don't decorate the store shelves anymore, if you do manage to find one, it will be very affordable. This card also works great in Linux.

Sound Blaster's 16 PCI works perfectly with every release of MAME I have tested, including all DOS frontends like ArcadeOS, however, it is a total pain in the rear to setup correctly!!! The legacy device by default uses IRQ 7, and configuring it to use IRQ 5 is real trick. If you do get this card, save yourself hours of headaches and just download the drivers from this website. Unlike the Ensoniq Audio PCI, this card is easy to find online and at the stores. They are usually available at www.newegg.com. I suggest you start there. This card also works great in Linux.

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