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Make: Built by Jaton
Model: Trident Cyber Blade T64
Chipset: BLADE T64 9970
BIOS String: Trident CYBER 9910
Pcidevs.txt: 9910h Blade XP /ICD
AGP Compliant: 2.0
MAME hwstretch: No.
DOS advmame 0.78.1 device_video auto: problematic at 15kHz.
DOS advmame 0.78.1 device_video vbeline vgaline: Perfect.
DOS advmame 0.78.1 device_video_interlace yes
Vanilla kernel 2.6.1 fb: completely useless.
VsyncMAME Support: Yes.
Scitech Vbetest.exe

Comments: This is the best video card for a arcade monitor that I have ever tested, great picture quality, great 2D performance, and awesome software support. Arcade monitors run beautifully in both DOS and Windows thanks to Saka and Andrew Lewis (download their drivers here). Display quality and performance at 15.75-16.5 kHz,and 25 kHz hclocks was flawless. Pictures are perfectly rendered, stable, and bright. Interlace modes are the best I've seen -- vector games look great at 15kHz in AdvanceMAME. While not a good choice for Windows MAME or dmame, this card works beautifully with AdvanceMAME, VsyncMAME, AdvanceMENU, and ArcadeOS. If you mean to run AdvanceMAME on an arcade monitor, then this is the card to have bar none. It’s affordable, easy to find, and makes arcade monitor setups trivial. You can purchase a Blade T64 for $30 at www.computers4sure.com. Note, this card does not work well in Linux, use either a Matrox G400 or TNT2 card instead.

Note, many games and programs may override the 15kHz drivers, so be careful about what you run on your arcade monitor! or you could damage/destroy it!

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