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Make: PNY
Model: Geforce4 TI 4600
Chipset: Geforce4
BIOS String: NVidia
Pcidevs.txt: 0250h GeForce4 Ti 4600 [NV25.1]
AGP Compliant: 2.0
MAME hwstretch: Yes.
DOS advmame 0.86 device_video auto: Perfect.
DOS advmame 0.86 device_video_interlace no
Vanilla kernel 2.6.5 fb: Perfect (pclock 8 or higher).
Linux svgalib-1.9.19 (contrib 0.83.1): Perfect.

Comments: This card totally blew me away. It worked so well, I thought I'd grabbed my Trident BladeT64 card by accident. Pictures were flawlessly rendered at 15kHz, 25kHz in AdvanceMAME. Not only do MAME games look great, but 3D games rock. So now when my Puckman levels don't seem to be progressing, there's always room for a bit of mega-quaking. This card works great in Linux and is my all time favorite pick for a Linux D9200 setup.

Linux notes: For low pclock supprort use svgalib, not kernel fb.

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