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Make: Built By ATI
Model: Radeon 7500 All-In-Wonder
Chipset: Radeon 7500
BIOS String: RV 200
Pcidevs.txt: 5157h Radeon 7500
AGP Compliant: 2.0
MAME hwstretch: Yes.
DOS advmame 62.2 device_video auto: Perfect.
DOS advmame 62.2 device_video vbeline vgaline: Not supported.
DOS advmame 62.2 device_video_interlace no
Vanilla kernel 2.6.1 fb: not yet tested.
Scitech Vbetest.exe

Comments: This card works flawlessly with MAME, dmame, AdvanceMAME, ArcadeOS, and AdvanceMENU on both PC monitors and TVs. TV-out quality is top notch and easy to setup. For the most part this card is easy to find, hosts a lot of features, and offers great performance. You can purchase a 7500 All-In-Wonder at www.computers4sure.com.

AdvanceMAME Notes: With all ATI video cards in AdvanceMAME the display shifts from right to left as you go from 8bit to 16bit to 32bit color (this effect can quite easily be observed in the advv.exe utility, just note the difference in centering between any mode at 8bit and 16bit color). For this reason use display_color bgr16 instead of auto. Centering your games, will be much easier. Additionally, with all ATI video cards in AdvanceMAME use device_video_interlace no to disable interlace modes and to force stretching (this will allow you to play vector games at 15kHz).

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