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Yes, Windows 98 runs just fine on an arcade monitor at 15kHz thanks to the work of S. Sakamaki (Saka) and Andrew Lewis. You will need a Trident Blade T64 video card and a VGA adapter for your arcade monitor. Once your video card is installed and your Windows 98 PC is up and running, follow the directions below. Unless you really know what you are doing, I suggest you follow these directions exactly. It is assumed that you have a Windows 98 default installation where the operating system files are located under the C:\WINDOWS directory. Help me! I can't play the "Show me" files.

!!!Warning!!! Neither DOS nor Windows was designed to run at 15kHz. Continue at your own risk!!!

1. Optional but recommended, download the DOS drivers for your sound card and install them.

2. Download and install Andrew's and Saka's 15kHz video driver using the install.bat file. Do not load or execute the drivers after you install them!!!

3. Enable a startup wav file to play on Windows bootup. Go to Start/Control Panel/Sounds/Start Windows, select a wav file if one is not selected, click OK. Show me.

4. Uninstall Windows Accessibility. Go to Start/Control Panel/Add/Remove Programs/Windows Setup, uncheck Accessibility, click OK, restart your computer. Show me.

5. Enable Windows Logon. Go to Start/Control Panel/Network/Primary Network Logon, and select Windows Logon, restart your computer. Show me.

6. Create a protected command shell. Find the command.com file in your C:\WINDOWS folder, right click on it, select Properties, click on the Screen tab, select Usage Full-screen, then click on the Misc tab, uncheck all of the Windows shortcut keys, click OK. Show me. Note: to exit a command shell, type EXIT and press ENTER.

7. Edit your power settings. Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Display Properties/Screen Saver, under screen saver select none. Click on the Settings tab, under Power Schemes select Always On, under System standby select Never, under Turn off monitor select Never, under Turn of hard disks select Never. Show me.

8. Edit your display settings. Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel/Display Properties/Settings, under screen area select 640 by 480 pixels, click OK.

9. Edit your Msdos.sys file to enable DOS mode boot. Show me.

10. !!!Important!!! Create a Windows 98 bootdisk. Go to Start/Control Panel/Add/Remove Programs/Startup Disk, click on Create Disk.

11. Debug your Window's setup!!! Make sure your system boots into DOS on boot up, then boot into Windows by typing WIN at the command prompt and pressing ENTER. Make sure Window's plays a startup wav file when it loads. Later, this startup wav file will let you know when it is safe to turn on your arcade monitor. Make sure your command shell is protected. Go to Start/Run and type COMMMAND and click OK. Make sure your command shell runs in full screen mode and that all Window's shortcut keys are disabled. To exit the command shell, type EXIT and press ENTER.

12. Finally, once you have debugged your setup create a shortcut to Saka's blade15.exe file located in your C:\WINDOWS folder and add this shortcut to your Windows startup folder. Add the command win to your autoexec.bat file. If your BladeT64 card uses the 9910 chipset then you should add the command bladetsr.exe to your autoexec.bat file before the win command. This will allow you to run a command prompt in windows at 15kHz. If your BladeT64 uses the latest chipset 9970, then Windows 98 will not boot with the bladetsr.exe loaded. This means that you will not be able to run a command prompt in Windows at 15kHz, ie. you cannot run the advcfg.exe or advv.exe utility in Windows. Instead use a 15kHz bootfloppy (add bladetsr.exe to your floppy's autoexec.bat file). To run the advcfg.exe or advv.exe utility use the floppy disk. Show me.

13. Connect your PC to your arcade monitor. Boot your PC with your arcade monitor off. When you hear your Window's bootup wav file, wait a few seconds and then power on your monitor. !!!Be ready to power it off quickly if your screen is garbled/out of frequency!!! That's it. Good luck young Jedi and may the force be with you!

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