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Download and install Winzip
Unzip Windows command line version (Pentium Pro optimized) of MAME to C:\MAME
Download and install MAMEWAH
Copy your rom files to C:\MAME\roms
Copy your sample files to C:\MAME\samples
Copy your Artwork files to C:\MAME\artwork
Start/Run. . .

notepad C:\Program Files\MAMEWAH\FILES\EMU1.CFG

Change the line Emulator Executable to

Emulator Executable = C:\MAME\mamepp.exe

Save your changes and exit notepad.
Start/Run. . .

C:\MAME\mamepp.exe -cc

Lanch MAMEWAH, press player button 2 to enter the options menu, scroll down to Games List Options and press player button 1, then scroll down to Refresh Games List and press player button 1. That's it, your finished!!

To run MAME just start MAMEWAH. Use your arrow keys to scroll through games. To launch a game press 1, to exit a game press Esc.

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