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Edit.com is a DOS ASCII text editor. You can find it in the C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND folder on a Windows 98SE computer. To launch the editor simply type edit at a command prompt and press Enter. If you want to open a file that already exists you can include the file name as a parameter. For example, the command:

edit advmame.rc

will open the file advmame.rc (if the file does not exist it will be created). You can access the editor's menu bar by pressing the ALT key. To navigate through the menus use your arrow keys. To exit the menu bar simply press Esc. Below are some popular commands you may find useful.

Shift arrow key -- highlight text
Ctrl C -- copy highlighted text
Ctrl X -- cut highlighted text
Ctrl V -- paste cut or copied text

Note, you can have more than one file open at a time in the editor. This is useful for cutting and pasting text from one file to another. For example, if you wanted to copy a line of text from your advmame.rc file to your advmenu.rc file, simply edit your advmame.rc file, highlight the desired text, press Ctrl C to copy the highlighted text, then press the Alt key to open the menu bar, select Open. . . from the file menu, use your Tab and arrow keys to locate and highlight your advmenu.rc file, select ok to edit the file, then press Ctrl V to paste your copied text to your advmenu.rc file.

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