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Recommended setup for cabinets with a PC monitor or TV

Any Microsoft Windows OS
Latest Windows command line version (Pentium Pro optimized) MAME binary
SoundBlaster sound card (any model will work well)
Any modern video card from Nvidia, ATI, or Matrox will work great on a PC monitor. TV setups, however, should only use ATI video cards (Radeon chipset or newer recommended).

Easy install directions for a PC monitor or TV

Download and install Winzip
Unzip Windows command line version (Pentium Pro optimized) of MAME to C:\MAME
Unzip Game Launcher for Windows Pentium Pro MAME to C:\MAME\GLAUNCH
Copy your rom files to C:\MAME\ROMS
Copy your sample files to C:\MAME\SAMPLES
Right click here, select Save Target As . . ., and save Game Launcher.bat to a convenient location.

That's it, your finished!! To run MAME just double-click on Game Launcher.bat. Use your arrow keys to scroll through games. To launch a game press 1, to exit a game press Esc.

Game Launcher was written by Dave Dribin. It was released under a General Public License for you to enjoy. If find it to your liking, I suggest you visit his site. He welcomes all contributions and has posted a pretty cool wish list. Check it out.

www.mamedev.org www.mameworld.info