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Below are my notes for setting up Mozilla on Mandrake. Included, are my notes on how to install Macromedia's Flash Player, which is required for viewing several files on this site. Note, Linux is case sensitive and typo intolerant, especially as root, so be watchful of what you type.


Install Java.

(1) Download the latest self-extracting JAVA SDK Linux bin from http://java.sun.com/ to your home directory

(2) Launch a console and enter

chmod 755 j2sdk*linux*bin
mkdir -p /usr/java
mv `ls -d j2sdk*/` /usr/java
ls -d /usr/lib/mozilla
cd /usr/lib/mozilla-version/plugins
ln -sf /usr/java/j2sdk*/jre/plugin/i386/ns6*gcc3*/libjavaplugin*.so .

Be sure to use the correct mozilla version in the path above.

(3) Register JAVA_HOME path. Note, any ASCII text editor will work here, but I use gedit in the example below. kedit works equally well, if you haven't installed gedit.

su -c "gedit /etc/profile"

Then add the following lines to the bottom of your /etc/profile file

export JAVA_HOME
export PATH

Be sure to use the correct java version number here. Save your changes and exit gedit.


Install Macromedia's Flash Player.

(1) Launch Mozilla and download flashplayer from www.macromedia.com to your home directory

(2) Insert the 3rd Mandrake installation CD into your default cdrom drive. Launch a console and enter

rpm -ivh /mnt/cdrom/Mandrake/RPMS3/libstdc++2.10-2.96*.rpm

(3) Extract and run the flash player installer. Launch a console and enter

tar xvzf *flash_player*
ls -d /usr/lib/mozilla

Follow the directions provided, and when prompted, enter the path to your mozilla folder. The default path on Mandrake is



Setup Mozilla Browser preferences.

(1) Start up Mozilla Browser.

(2) Make web pages easier to read by forcing Mozilla to use Sans Serif fonts.

Goto Edit/Preferences/+Appearance/Fonts and select Sans Serif from the Proportional pull down menu. Then uncheck allow documents to use other fonts.

(3) Optional, (but recommended) disable popup adds.

Goto Edit/Preferences/+Privacy & Security/Popup Windows and check Block unrequested popup windows.

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