The following configuration will only work on a Wellsgarnder D9200 arcade monitor. Do not use this configuration for any other monitor. IF YOU DO, YOU WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY DESTROY IT!

device_video_pclock 5-90
device_video_hclock 31.5
device_video_vclock 51-90
video_size 640
video_restore no
emulator "advmame" advmame "..\advmame.exe"
ui_color help lightgray black
ui_color help_tag lightgray black
ui_color submenu_bar yellow black
ui_color submenu_item lightgray black
ui_color submenu_item_select lightgray magenta
ui_color menu_item lightgray black
ui_color menu_hidden lightgray black
ui_color menu_tag lightgray black
ui_color menu_item_select lightgray magenta
ui_color menu_hidden_select lightgray magenta
ui_color menu_tag_select lightgray magenta
ui_color bar yellow gray
ui_color bar_tag yellow gray
ui_color bar_hidden yellow gray
ui_color grid yellow gray
ui_color backdrop black black
ui_color icon white white
ui_color cursor gray white
event_assign enter 28 or enter_pad
sound_background_loop none
group "Very Good"
group "Good"
group "Bad"
group "<undefined>"
type "Computer"
type "Console"
type "Application"
type "Arcade"
type "Shot 'em Up"
type "Bet 'em Up"
type "Fight"
type "Gun"
type "Puzzle"
type "RPG"
type "Sport"
type "Breakout"
type "Filler"
type "Racing"
type "Flipper"
type "<undefined>"
sort parent
lock no
config save_at_exit
mode list
misc_exit normal
ui_console no
idle_start 0 0
idle_screensaver 60 10
idle_screensaver_preview snap
menu_base 0
menu_rel 0
event_repeat 500 50
run_msg "Run game"
run_preview snap
difficulty none
preview snap
preview_expand 1.15
preview_default none
preview_default_snap none
preview_default_flyer none
preview_default_cabinet none
preview_default_icon none
preview_default_marquee none
preview_default_title none
event_mode fast
event_alpha yes
ui_clip single
merge differential
icon_space 43
sound_foreground_begin default
sound_foreground_end default
sound_foreground_key default
sound_foreground_start default
sound_foreground_stop default
sound_background_begin none
sound_background_end none
sound_background_start none
sound_background_stop none
sound_background_loop_dir "mp3"
video_font none
video_gamma 1
video_brightness 1
misc_quiet no
ui_background none
ui_skipbottom 0
ui_skiptop 0
ui_skipleft 0
ui_skipright 0
ui_bottombar yes
ui_topbar yes
ui_command_menu Command
ui_command_error Error running the command
device_mouse none
mouse_delta 100
device_joystick none
device_keyboard auto
device_video auto
device_video_singlescan yes
device_video_doublescan yes
device_video_interlace yes
device_video_fastchange no
device_color_palette8 yes
device_color_bgr8 yes
device_color_bgr15 yes
device_color_bgr16 yes
device_color_bgr24 yes
device_color_bgr32 yes
device_color_yuy2 yes
device_video_output auto
device_video_cursor auto
device_video_overlaysize 1024
device_svgaline_divideclock no
device_vbeline_mode bigger
device_vbeline_clock_multiplier 1
device_vbeline_8bit_clock_multiplier 1
device_vbeline_16bit_clock_multiplier 1
device_sound auto
sound_volume 0
sound_samplerate 44100
sound_latency 0.1
sound_buffer 0.1